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    3C Recruitment Consultants

    We find the best candidates for your professional and executive positions.

3C Your personnel consultants for Premium recruitment

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is the general Framework?

We will construct a tailor-made offer according to your requirements.

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Which sectors and roles are covered?

3C GmbH offers personnel search in all industries & roles in the innovative and dynamic companies in the DACH region.

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Who is my contact person?

For each project there is an assigned consultant and researcher.

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What is the process?

What is the best way to work together with Recruitment consultants?

When choosing a candidate, you are also making a decision that will influence the success of your company. Especially at this point, weaknesses often become visible - here is a selection of the main pitfalls and what to look for when choosing a candidate.

The most common weaknesses in the selection...
  • Not enough time: The candidate selection process fails because you only view the short term instead of planning for a long term resolution. Unexpected personnel requirements force you to take a quick and sometimes rash decision.
  • No structure: The selection is made relatively spontaneously by future supervisors who have not gone through training nor have developed methodological decision skills after only one or two short interviews.
  • No image: The company has not built a structured employer image and is largely unknown by attractive candidates. The result: few applications and poorly qualified applicants.
  • No budget: Instead of relying on external experience in selecting a candidate, someone within the organization is asked to advertise the position and downselect to a list of candidates.
  • No organization: Internal units are often overwhelmed without the assistance of specially designed IT tools that support the handling of job applications. The business unit usually lacks the know-how to establish an HR-specific information architecture.
...and what you should look for when choosing a candidate
  • Interfaces are the source of weakness: pay attention to the exact job description and task definition and establish an overall selection guideline when selecting candidates.
  • Only the best are good enough: the most effective staff development takes place when selecting candidates. Problems that are ignored at this point can never be corrected – even with targeted personnel development measures.
  • Develop a strategy: demographic changes will increase the lack of skilled workers and introduce new challenges due to an aging workforce. This should be taken into consideration early in the strategic selection development plan.
  • Take advantage of modern technology trends: Modern technology trends in E-recruiting such as online assessments or online applications can optimize the process of candidate selection. 3C uses the online platform www.personaler-online.de.
  • Don´t waste time: If your applicant screening processes are clearly defined with a strict time line, you should not waste time with unnecessary steps. With a defined process you are also assured that everything functions the first time around.

What is different with 3C

  • Direct targeting - which is becoming increasingly important
  • Project transparency through continuous status reports
  • Over 750 Placements since 2001
  • In-house, long standing permanent Research Team
  • Exclusive Project Management through an assigned consultant

How long is the average candidate search?

The length of a project is typically six weeks to three months.