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    3C Recruitment Consultants

    We find the best candidates for your professional and executive positions.

3C for your business - our core competencies

All recruitment consultants in the 3C Team have extensive management experience
and excellent knowledge of the various industry sectors.

For the placement of high-calibre professionals and executives in your company,
we specialize in the following industries and functions

Industry sectors

  • Industry sector: TechnologyTechnology
    Software, Internet, SaaS, Internet of Things (IoT), Infrastructure/Networks, Digital Transformation, Consumer Electronics, Cloud, Security, Analytics, Big Data, Mobility, Media & Entertainment, Gaming, Industry4.0, IT/ITK
  • Industry sector: Retail & LogisticsRetail & Logistics
    E-Commerce, Distribution, Commerce, Retail, E-Tail, Logistics, Consumer Goods
  • Industry sector: Industry (Manufacturing)Industry (Manufacturing)
    Automotive industry, Electronics, Automation, Mechanical Engineering and Plant Construction, Manufacturing, Semiconductor & Microelectronics, Renewable Energies
  • Industry sector: FinanzindustrieFinancial Services
    Banking, Insurance, FinTec
  • Industry sector: HealthcareHealthcare
    Health, Healthcare, Medical Technology


  • Position: Management and Executive BoardManagement and Executive Board
    CEO, Board, Managing Director, VP, General Manager, Director, Partner
  • Position: SalesSales
    CSO, Sales Management, Key / Account Management, Channel Management, Distribution, Business Development, Partner Manager, Territory Manager
  • Position: ConsultingProfessional Services & Consulting
    Architects, Advisors, Pre Sales Consultants, Analysts, Project Manager, Consultants, Head of IT
  • Position: MarketingMarketing
    CMO, Marketing Manager, Product Manager, PR, Digital Marketing
  • Position: Production & EngineeringProduction & Engineering
    Development, Construction, Production, Maintenance/Service, Project- & Quality management
  • Position: Procurement and LogisticsProcurement and Logistics
    Supply Chain Director, Head of Procurement, Strategic Procurement, Project Purchasing
  • Position: FinanceFinance
    CFO, Finance Manager, Controller, Operations Manager, Head of Compliance
  • Position: Human ResourcesHR
    HR Management, Personal Management

Our Approach

Systematic Executive search & recruiting

Clearly structured procedures ensure your success. Take advantage of our track record for successful fulfilment of open positions. Trial and error is not an option; we offer you additional security with a proven successful Candidate Management process.

  • Our progress is transparent - you know at any moment in time how far we are with the project.
  • Reaching the goal is easy - it's quick and easy for you.
  • The process for reaching the goal is fun - we work with passion and commitment in Recruitment Management.
  • Phase 1 of Candidate Management

    Creating a Profile

    Choosing the right candidate begins with the first conversation with you: in this first stage of Candidate Management we use proven analytical tools to support you in describing your ideal candidate.

    This first step of Candidate Management concludes with a profile of your ideal candidate and provides the focal point for out professional Candidate Management process.

  • Phase 2 of Candidate Management

    Candidate Search

    Our Candidate Management process begins long before a candidate makes it to our first hurdle: a so-called short list, ie a hand-picked selection of candidates for the position to be filled.

    Extensive research is the first step: we search for candidates both nationally and internationally, using an extensive network of contacts to find suitable candidates wherever they might be.

  • Phase 3 of Candidate Management

    Assessment & Qualification

    The 3C Candidate Management process spends an ample amount of time for personal discussions with potential candidates. This step is only considered complete once we are convinced that a candidate brings professional expertise, exceptional commitment and social and intercultural competency required for the open position; once we are convinced, we establish contact between you and the candidate.

  • Phase 4 of Candidate Management

    Presenting the Candidate

    Our quality-assured Candidate Management process saves you time and provides an excellent selection method. Now, it's on your turn to meet the candidate in order to create your own opinion.

    We create the structure for the first conversation and take care of further interviews as part of the Candidate Management process.

  • Phase 5 of Candidate Management


    In this phase our Candidate Management process now checks the candidates references, assesses their reputation in the market and ultimately rates and ranks these factors.

    This provides you with an overview how others view your candidate and what reputation the candidate has acquired.

    We can also support you in this assessment.

  • Phase 6 of Candidate Management

    Final evaluation

    This is he critical phase of the recruitment process: you have to make a decision for one or more of the candidates.

    Not an easy task! At this point only the best candidates have managed to get through the sophisticated Candidate Management process. We can act as your sounding board, your independent guide and support you through the next decisive steps.

  • Phase 7 of Candidate Management

    After the decision

    Up to this point 3C Candidate Management has provided you with best-in-class services - you've found the best candidate for your position.

    Now it's all about integrating the new employee into your business and the new job environment. The Candidate Management process from 3C can also support you in this step so that your new employee "fits in" in the truest sense of the word.

Together we are strong – our Partners

With our long-term and reliable cooperation partners and external coaches, we offer a worldwide network for recruitment, personnel selection, assessment, and many more strategic and operational services.

Further information about our Partners